History of Corvi's

5 generations; from 1896 to today.

Antonio Ferrari and his wife Clementina with their daughter Rosie circa 1896.

Antonio opened the first shop, originally selling ice cream and confectionary, after moving to Bo’ness with his wife Clementina. They emigrated from Italy to New York where they got married and then settled in Bo’ness to start a family.

Rosie and Bertie Corvi in 1913

In the 1910s Bertie Corvi moved to Bo’ness from Italy to work in an ice-cream shop. He fell in love with the owners daughter and Corvi’s as we now know it was born.

Tony and Eveline Corvi in 1946

Tony, eldest son of Rosie and Bertie, took over the shop from his parents and ran the business together with his wife Eveline (nee Biagini)

Bert and Marie Corvi 2009

Bert, Tony’s son, started working in the shop aged 15 and took over along with his wife Marie (nee Gordon) when they got married.

Mari-Ellena and Donnie Corvi Buchanan

Mari-Ellena worked in the shop when she was a teenager and came back to take over when her father Bert retired. Donnie joined her shortly after they got married, they are now the 5th generation to run Corvi’s.

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